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Virtual VBS

Enjoy these videos any time it's convenient for your family!

Day 1 Craft: Paper Octopi 
Supplies: paper, scissors, tape or stapler, coloring utensil(s)

Day 2 Craft: Pirate Hook
Supplies: paper/plastic cup, pipe cleaner, tape, toothpick or scissors (optional)

Day 3 Craft: Pirate Hat
Supplies: newspaper or 4 pieces of paper taped together to make a large sheet of paper, coloring utensils and stickers (optional)

Day 4 Craft: Spyglass
Supplies: paper/plastic cup, toilet paper or paper towel tube, cardstock, glue

Day 5 Craft: Handprint Parrot
Supplies: paper, scissors, coloring utensils, colored construction paper, glue stick



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