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Guess Who


This one time fellowship event will occur in host homes in February. Sign ups are available in the vestibule - the blue form needs to be turned in by January 23 at noon in the vestibule. You can sign up to be a Guest or a Host.

Guests will know where to go, what to bring, and what time dinner is, but won’t find out who else is coming to the meal until everyone shows up. Guests will be called by their assigned Host to coordinate a time/date for the meal. Guests might be asked to bring a salad, side dish, bread, or dessert to accompany the meal.

Hosts will be assigned Guests to entertain as a group in their home in February. Hosts are to call their Guests during the last week in January & coordinate when their meal will happen in February. For the meal, the Host will provide the main dish.  Hosts will be notified the week of January 23 whom their guests are.

This event is for ages 19 and up, with only couples or singles participating - no children/teens. ( Parents will need a babysitter. In the vestibule, we'll have a list of potential EBC Youth who could be hired to babysit, depending on their availability.) Senior adults are encouraged to participate - you are an important part of the body. The event is meant to occur when all can participate. If you do not feel comfortable driving at night, tell your host of your need for a daytime meal. If it’s needed, the host should schedule the event as a luncheon to accommodate all their guests. 

Questions? Ask Amy Cartwright in the vestibule after main service.


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