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We're Still Here - 4/22/20

We're still here!

As we seem to be winding down from sheltering-in-place and can hope to get back to normalcy soon, please know the elders and staff of Edgewood Baptist continue to lift up in prayer you and your family. And, we look forward to returning to our regular fellowship time and ministries very soon.

From Jonathan Merritt ...

In 1776, John Newton wrote a letter to a Christian woman who, at one time, had been confined to her house for five years due to health problems. He says in part:

A sure effect of the grace of God is a desire and longing for gospel ordinances; and when they are afforded, they cannot be neglected without loss. But the Lord sees many souls who are dear to him, and whom He is training up in a growing [fitness] for his kingdom, who are by his providence so situated, that it is not in their power to attend upon gospel preaching; and perhaps they have seldom either Christian minister or Christian friend to assist or comfort them. Such a situation is a state of trial, but Jesus is all-sufficient, and He is always near.

Obviously, our social distancing pales in comparison to five years of poor health and isolation. But Newton’s words are still relevant for those of us who have been temporarily cut off from the church: 

  1. Consider that your desire to be with the church is evidence of God’s grace in you. A hunger for the Word and a love for God’s people are signs of life (1Pet 2:2; 1Jn 3:14). Dead men don’t desire these things. Praise God for proof of life!
  2. Commit yourself to regularly gathering with the church when this time has passed. Live streams, videos, and podcasts are poor substitutes for the greater grace we receive when we share the Word and the sacraments together. This trial should give us a settled conviction that “missing church” is a loss to our souls. Prioritize church attendance.
  3. Rest in the knowledge that, although we have been deprived of our fellowship, we have all we need in the gift of the Holy Spirit. Jesus told his disciples it was to their advantage for him to leave and send the Holy Spirit in his place. Because God is good, this time may be His gift to lead us to greater reliance on the Spirit. Pray for fellowship with the Spirit. 

Until we meet again,

Jonathan Merritt
Associate Pastor, Education 


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