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God’s Word Is Sufficient 

As we grow in our knowledge of the Scriptures, we want to gain knowledge and understanding. We want to see more than distinct pieces; we want to see how the pieces fit together. And as we see how the pieces fit together, we want to accurately discern those broader patterns and principles by which God directs his people. I think this is the kind of understanding that David has in mind when he says “Teach me your way, O Lord” (Psa 27:11 cf. 25:4). He doesn’t just want to see points on graph; he wants to discern the trajectory of those points as it maps out on his life.  

Absent this broader perspective, we will likely run along one of two tracks. The first track runs along the assumption that Scripture’s influence is limited to explicit statements so that unless we can point to a “Thou shall (not),” we may proceed as if God is indifferent to the matter at hand or has left us to our own intuitions. On the second track we look for the Holy Spirit to speak where the Scriptures are supposedly silent and find our direction in what the Lord has (or has not) told me personally.  

While neither approach denies the authority of Scripture, they both call into question Scripture’s sufficiency. In other words, they operate on the premise that we need more than what God has given us in his word. But if we believe God’s word, we must believe that in the Scriptures we have a sufficient source of truth for all of life. Can any of us take seriously passages like Psalm 1:1-3; 19:7-11; and 2Tim 3:16-17 and still claim to need more than what he has already provided? No, if we lack direction let us be honest enough to say that it’s because we need more time in the book, more meditation, and more prayer. 



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