10/30/20 Update: We are open for in-person Sunday service with new required safeguards in place. Read the letter from the Elders here.

Sunday Services
Morning Worship - 10:35a

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Updated COVID-19 Guidelines for Worship Service


  • There will be only one way to enter the sanctuary, and that is through the main sanctuary side door that opens into the church vestibule. There will be greeters outside and inside the vestibule to ensure proper social distancing of six feet as you enter the vestibule and make your way to your seat in the sanctuary. We ask at all times there be no stopping or socializing in the vestibule since our vestibule is small and can easily become crowded.
  • Social distancing of six feet will be required, and that means six feet in front of you, behind, and to either side of you. This means there needs to be one pew between you and any person sitting directly in front or behind you. Family units can sit together. We are blessed that the size of our sanctuary is large enough to allow us to achieve this. 
  • No nursery care or children’s church will be provided. All children are to remain with at least one of their parents in the sanctuary at all times. For a crying infant or disruptive child, rooms are available in Peacock Hall will be provided for parents to care for their children. The rooms will be equipped with monitors to view the service by livestream.
  • Only one person at a time will be allowed to utilize the restrooms and there will be greeters stationed outside the restrooms to ensure this.
  • We will not pass offering plates to receive the offering. We will utilize offering boxes for you to place your gifts into. There will be an offering box in the vestibule and an offering box in each of the main aisles in the sanctuary.
  • When the service is dismissed please maintain social distancing at all times. We will regulate exit from the sanctuary to ensure the vestibule does not become crowded. Remember, no stopping or socializing at any time in the vestibule. Simply walk through the vestibule and exit the church. Also please maintain social distancing even when outside the church.
  • You are welcome before and after the service to fellowship with one another in the sanctuary, but at all times social distancing of six feet is to be maintained, which of course means no physical contact. Simply put, whenever inside the church or on the church grounds & parking lots, there is to be no physical contact with social distancing of six feet always maintained. 
  • Anyone not feeling well or running a fever should remain at home and not attend. 
  • You are welcome to wear a mask, but it is not required. Hand Sanitizer will be made available. The sanctuary, vestibule, restrooms, and outside railings will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after our services.