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Letter from the Elders

January 3, 2021

Dear Edgewood Baptist Church Members:

The year, 2020, has been eventful to say the least. We have been particularly touched by Covid-19 as we tragically and unexpectedly lost Pastor Andy Merritt. We mourn with the Merritt family, but rejoice that he is with his Savior and walking with Almighty God. 

The elders have been in prayer, diligently seeking God’s direction for this church’s future. We are keenly aware that this is God’s holy church and His alone. We as elders, and as a congregation, are His blessed servants. We desire to know His will and to be found pleasing to Him, that He would lead us, guide us, and direct us as we seek to know His mind and heart for His church.

We have also sought God’s direction and leading through this church body. We have heard from various groups. We have listened to individuals. But most of all we have sought Him, asking this question as Joshua did: “What does my Lord say to His servant?”

If God has answered us and we believe He has, we bring forward the following process to our church body, that:

  • Jonathan Merritt be brought forward as a candidate as Lead Pastor.
  • He would be examined doctrinally and theologically.
  • His family life and personal life would be examined.
  • He would meet with the congregation to be examined.
  • A four week period be allowed for confidential concerns to be brought, in a manner consistent with Deut. 19:15 and Matt. 18:15, privately to the candidate, and then to the elders. All concerns must be resolved to the elders’ satisfaction. The candidate’s calling of God must be prayerfully recognized by unanimous agreement of the elders.

1)  Beginning on January 6th, the elders will meet with Jonathan Merritt related to his candidacy.

2)   On January 10th, the staff will also meet to have any questions answered.

3)   On January 17th at 3 PM, the congregation will meet with him for a Q&A opportunity. More time will be allowed, if needed.

4)   Beginning January 18 and ending on February 13, confidential concerns can be brought.

5)   On February 14, an announcement will be made as to possible congregational affirmation.

Please continue to pray for this church as we walk through this opportunity of finding God’s will and direction.


Elders of Edgewood Baptist Church