Rev. Jonathan Merritt has been selected as Edgewood Baptist's new lead pastor with 92% affirmation.

Sunday Services
Morning Worship - 10:35a

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Affirmation Announcement Letter from the Elders

Dear Edgewood Baptist Church Member:
As you know, our church has been walking through the process of the selection of a Lead Pastor. This process has been covered in prayer, communication, and input. But, most of all, we believe it has been led by God.
The elders hereby unanimously, and without reservation, enthusiastically offer Jonathan Merritt as the nomination for Lead Pastor. He is currently an elder and therefore this church is already aware of his qualifications through his leadership, teaching, ministry, and preaching. He has gone through, as prescribed in our Church Constitution, a period of time whereby confidential concerns could be brought and answered by him.
This letter serves as the elders request that you affirm, or not affirm, Jonathan Merritt’s nomination as Lead Pastor for Edgewood Baptist Church.
Please signify by circling either yes for affirming or no for not affirming. Place the form in the self addressed stamped envelope that was mailed to you and return to EBC before Saturday, February 20, 2021. Or, you can place your form in the offering box on the morning of February 14.
On Sunday, February 21, an announcement will be made during the morning worship service and live streamed on our website,, and later published in the Enlightener.
If someone in your household is a church member and did not receive a form but wants one, please call the church office.
We pray that God will lead you in this vital process in the life of Edgewood
Baptist Church.
Elders of Edgewood Baptist Church